Wednesday, 24 February 2010


You poor, poor thing. Yes, ladies and gentleman it is official: Ashley and Cheryl have split (as announced by her PR company via Twitter, what a social networking age we live in). Well good riddance in my opinion, I think she should’ve ditched him a LONG time ago. Really, if even Cheryl can’t hold down a man what in hells name, hope have we got?!

Onto more pressing issues:

My list of films that I MUST see, either in the cinema or must buy as soon as they come out on DVD (mostly because I just am hopeless as catching things at the cinema)

A Single Man
Yummy man, Tom Ford’s directorial debut. Classically cool, Colin Firth just looks delish. I literally will die if I miss this, even if it means going to see it alone. Boo.

Lovely Bones
Originally a book, about a girl who is murdered but stuck between heaven and earth because she needs to help her family find her killer. Apparently not as depressing as it sounds, we shall see.

Leap Year
A cutesy rom com with my fave actress Amy Adams. She goes to propose to her love of her life, but falls in love with the Irish man driving her to see him. Aww

An Education
Doesn’t even need to be explained.

Coco Before Chanel
Nor does this. Oh Audrey Tatou how I love you.

Alice in Wonderland
Tim Burton, 3D, Johnny Depp, crazy crazy fashion. I can’t actually contain my excitement. Comes out in March.

The Princess and the Frog
Back to the Disney classics, hand drawn and classically romantic. Back to my childhood.

I also must buy LC’s two books this weekend, I’m all out of trashy chick lit and must get my fix! A shop to WHSmiths this weekend is in store I think.

Also, my round up of London Fashion Week will arrive this weekend, when I have stopped going to the pub every night after work or just being plain lazy (:

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