Monday, 15 February 2010

This is the new woman.

But who is she? Tell me more? How do I become this said woman? Ahh I must wear French Connection. 

 Men have lost the ungentle art of manliness. 
The man in the street doesn’t know what to bring to a knife fight. 
He gets nervous around large fish. He can’t tie a full Windsor. 
Men have forgotten how to snap a bra open with a click of their fingers 
– women are undoing their own bras to save time! Meanwhile guys are eating 
little portions of leaves and putting too much gel in their hair. They are 
wearing t-shirts with dope leaves and robots on them when 
they are over 22 years-old. - French Connection Manifesto 

The French Connection SS2010 campaign has been launched, the campaign is titled "This is the Man" and “This is the Woman”  "The Man" embodies a classic, tough, rugged and masculine persona. While “The Woman” is classic, chic, nonchalant and “she is knowing we are looking at her". The shots are beautifully simple and you can't help but swoon over the use of English words that just must be said in a romantic French accent.

When I received this months Vogue I stared long and hard at this  “ new woman” that stared at me and I just wanted to dress myself head to toe in FCUK. She’s effortlessly chic, the picture of innocence and just personifies elegance yet leaves her hair messy and sunglasses placed casually on her head. “The woman looks bored. Dance or something.” This one actually made me a little excited, the new FCUK women holds men in the palm of her hand, she says, you do. Oooh how I wish to be this woman. Note to self: next pay day, become French Connection woman.  

But the new man? Rugged, beardy and resembling a French pre-war farmer. He starts by being possibly, maybe a little bit sexy, combed hair and a smart suit, then the next image he’s wearing a pair of fluffy bunny eyes? “Man should be brave.” Yes, I’m all for no-fear men who protect us damsels in distress, and the bunny ears are bang on trend, but I just can't find a man in bunny ears sexy. Then it goes from bad to worse, I’m not sure what FCUK were trying to achieve but I can safely say it doesn’t make me want an FCUK man, “Eat meat. Dress well” We all want our men well fed and okay I understand that dressing well = FCUK,  but to be honest. he looks like an axe murderer. Tres un-sexy.

How can they have got the woman so right, but the man so gross? Maybe it’s more aimed at men who wish to be rugged and cave man like… well me being the new women, will certainly not be going for the new man.

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