Monday, 12 April 2010

You are my sunshine

What a beautiful weekend we saw in London town. The sun was out and it was just yum. I went & visted Covent Garden on Saturday which is always a treat and then Brick Lane for some vintage hunting on Sunday. All in all, a very idyllic weekend i must say! 

This month Vogue has been doing a feature on the daily outfits of Oliva Palermo and i must say, with each day i get more and more jealous of her fabulous style. Not only is she totally feminine with a 'i'm not a complete girlie girl' look, her city wardrobe is just perecfcetion for wandering the streetsof New York but for popping into a fashion show too. She mixes high street with vintage and designer as well as having a new handbag for every day i'm sure of it! Style crush? me?

P.S New series of The City starts tomorrow on Viva (eee!)

E x

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  1. i follow her style like a crazy cat lady, how is it possible that shes utterly gorgeous as well?

    FYI thanks for reminding me about the return date :) xxx