Friday, 14 May 2010

An Education

I watched this the other day with boy, which I had been dying to see ever since it came out, and I must say I loveloveloved it. Not only was her image transformation from awkward yet cute school girl to Audrey Hepburn-esk woman (a retro look she has continued to channel off screen in her lush Prada get ups), just beautiful to witness but the story line was just charming. 

Set in the early 1960's, everything 16 year old Jenny Mellor did was to get her into Oxford. Her natural talent and breathtaking beauty were caged as she dated socially awkward Graham, but everything changes the day she meets David Goldman, a man over twice her age. Her shows her the high life and takes her places she would never have gone to before, which Jenny quickly becomes accustomed to. But she slowly learns he's not all he's cracked up to be, specifically how he makes his money. Jenny has to decide if what she learns about them and leading such a life is worth forgoing her plans of higher education at Oxford. Sad ending. Great outfits. Set at a time I wish I had been born. Oh and not forgetting the way she casually slips in wonderful French to her conversations for which i am utterly jealous of (i WILL learn fluent French at some point). Oh and he takes her to Paris, it's a serious green-eyes monster moment for me.
So yes, J'adore ce film

 E x

P.s. yes i do have a serious girl-crush on Carey Mulligan right now and i am not afraid to admit it! ;)

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