Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Is finally out of my hands!

After weeks and months of hard work, drama and impossible fashion people we have finally managed to put together an amazing magazine.

I couldn't have done it all without these lovely ladies,

These girls are amazingly talented and a pleasure to work with. So keep an eye out for their work in Fashionista 2010 and online at

I'm off on holiday to Italy tomorrow, so am not likely to post anything for at least 10 days (GFW is the day after I get back so that may prolong my posting even more) But due to a very exciting new job prospect (which I am so, so,so excited about but don't won't to jinx so won't share until it's a definiate!), I should have some amazing pictures of the streets of Europe, fab Boutiques, street fashion and so on, from my travels. And then some fabulous pictures of the GFW week, including the amazing Gala night, where anyone who's anyone in le fashion world should be attending (eeek!)

So, Caio for now my bloggers!

E x    

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