Friday, 18 June 2010

Beauty Fix

Now, although I am technically supposed to be saving I am in dire need of a beauty overhaul. I'm fed up with buying cheap make-up products that slide off my skin by 4pm. So I’ve decided to compile a list of all things beauty that I’m lusting over and a few bits I now can't live without
Mac Lipstick in Lovelorn £12.50
Colour actually looks good enough to eat &
I’ve been dying to get myself a cute pinky lip shade for the summer
(Especially as I’m hoping to be summery blonde in a few weeks!)

Mac Dazzle Lash £12.50
Apparently this mascara "singles out and pushes lashes to go
bigger, bolder, longer, with a plush, glamorous curve."
Well we shall see about that!

Mac Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 £22.00
Apparently good for dry and dull complexions, which mine most definitely is
and has added in SPF protection!
Mac Pinch Me Cream Blush £16.50
I've been dying to try a new blusher as for my entire make-up wearing life I’ve
stuck to Bourjois blusher pots so I feel now's the time for something new!

(If you're wondering why all my make-up wants are from Mac,
the boy lives temptingly close to the Brighton Mac store, so a visit is most definitely in order)
Benefit 'it' concealer stick, free in this month’s Glamour
I lovelovelovelove this, not only was it (sort of) free, it's just a lovely product.
So soft, easy to use and great to carry around with you everywhere.
Will definitely pay full price when mine eventually runs out.
Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair £18.00
They say- "A nourishing leave-in treatment, repairs damaged locks, while protecting your hair from further breakage, by detangling and building resistance to the effects of heat styling."
Well as I said I’m going blonde which is going to involve getting my hair stripped (eeeek!) and so I’m going to need some serious hair loving treatments so it doesn't all fall out (again- long story)

As a serious lover of all things Chloé, and still yet to afford anything to buy from there other than their perfume, I already want the new fragrance Love, Chloé which launched last night in Paris with the help of Chloé fabulous Raquel Zimmerman and will be available from September 2010
St Tropez gradual everyday tan £14.00 Boots
Now I really am a fake tan novice, no matter how hard
I try I just can't get it right. But this little beauty is fabulous, easy to use
and produces a great colour even after the first use!

My sister struggles badly with troublesome skin so was
bought this 3-step daily treatment kit and it works wonders!
I used it myself before a night out and even though we have very different skin types,
it left my skin in a radiant condition. The products are light, refreshing and left
my skin really bright and smooth.
As a daily system of cleansing/clarifying/moisturising I highly recommend it.
I've just purchased my 'Introductory Kit' for £20.00 off the website to give it a go
for my skin type and if all goes well will purchase the proper set
(probably for cheap at the airport!)
Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream £17.50
Use this exfoliator daily (in conjunction with the 3-step regime) for a daily, clean, refreshed face.
Great for all skin types. Again, stole this from my sister and I loved how it left my skin feeling. Leaves a perfect make-up ready base.

Have you tried any of these yet, if so what did you think?
What's your must have beauty product for this summer?

E x


  1. havent tried any of these, but i need new skincare products, i may give clinique a go!

  2. I would really recommend it! If you pop along to one of their counters they give you a full on skin consultation so you're getting the right products for your skin. Can be a bit pricey but you totally get what you pay for (: x