Tuesday, 29 June 2010

California girls, we're unforgettable

Sorry for the lack of posting! Been a busy few days. Firstly with the clothes show london which was amazing fun (will post pictures as soon as I find the wire for my camera!) and secondly moving back home as i've now officially finished work.

Been busy spending my dwindling  bank balance this week, oh how i'm going to miss a regular income, on a few fabulous beauty buys.

First up is my Mac Beauty Haul:
I got myself a new pinky blusher which is so cute for the summer and isn't too much, unlike my Bourjoius which I regularly found made me look like I had two tomatoes on my cheeks. I also got a pressed powder pot, which comes with a handy little sponge so you can apply it anywhere (especially in the heat when a T-Zone shine is a regular annoyance). I also nabbed the dazzle shine mascara (which I was wanting in my last post) which has a smaller brush, great for people with smaller eyes and lashed like myself, I really do like how much longer it makes my lashes but they can get a bit clumped which is a little irritating! Lastly I got myself a gorgeous pinky lipstick (speed dial) which I adore! It's the perfect summer shade without being too Barbie like and just makes me feel all girly and summery. 

(Excuse the dodgy picture & dressing gown!)

Next, as I said I got myself the Clinique 3-step skin care range (I cancelled my online order and convinced mother dearest that I needed these products in my life so she bought me them)
We bought the dry combination range after a very in depth examination from the lovely Clinique lady and when you buy any two products from Clinique you get a cute bag of goodies free.
 So, if you buy any two products in store you get these free samples
 You get a 7 day scrub cream (so no need to buy one, yay!) a mini moisturiser for travels and a make-up removing liquid. Perfect!

Finally, at the clothes show I wandered past a stall selling oil for your hair. 
Now, my hairdresser is always obsessed with trying to sell me 'Morrocanoil' which although leaves my hair amazingly smooth and shiny, costs more than I am prepared to pay, however this oil was on offer for £10 at the clothes show only and is suspiciously similar to what my hairdresser tries to palm me off with.
So I bought it and it has been amazing. Only used it a few times but i'm already an addict. After having my hair stripped I was reallyreallyreally worried about the condition of my hair, but this leaves it silky smooth and hydrated and works as a heat protector for when I use the trusty GHD's. 
Definitely recommend!


  1. Is that well dressed blush my mac i spyy??


  2. Oh it is indeed (: I hate Mac for ruining my budget! But it is my new favourite thing (: xxx

  3. i am desperate to try the Moroccan oil, that is such a steal!

    loove love your purchases xxx