Monday, 23 July 2012

Polka Dots

Dress: River Island//Shoes: Topshop

Finally some sunshine! Today was spent mostly a second day of recovering from my 21st, which was a really lovely evening, felt so blessed to have such lovely friends (and equally lovely weather!) so just hung around the house like a slob all day with the boyf! I absolutely adore this dress, I think it was designed to be a beach cover up as I found it near the bikini's and it would explain the stupidly low price for such a lovely dress! I've also noticed how my hair seems to look a little ombre'd which I didn't intentionally do, but have been growing out all the hair dye to reveal my natural colour and think the blonde must have come through from holiday sunshine! Hope you all have had a nice monday whatever you've been up to, obviously I didn't manage to get a decent pic of me in my birthday dress so waiting for people to send me over ones they took before I post a pic of my dress! 

Love Emma xx


  1. Your hair looks lovely. I had to bleach the daylights out of mine to get an ombre look so am very jealous that yours has developed naturally.

  2. that dress is amazing!

    xo Camilla

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  3. Cute photos and your dress is so lovely!