Monday, 7 December 2009


I finally have got my act together. My university application, for Fashion Promotion and Communication, is out of my hands and soon to be in the hands of Nottingham Trent, UCA, Southampton Solent and The University of the Arts. All very nerve-wracking.
I have also begun my presentation for Graduate Fashion week people for ideas to put into 'Fashionista' magazine (which is handed out free at the event) which i'm very apprehensive about, but I'll be posting about my progress regularly!
So that's my life currently, as well as working a ridiculous amount of dreary hours in my current job in a Burberry outlet, although the discount is just divine (50%!), the 10 hour days can drag on. But on the bright side, GFW begins in January (:

This week, I attempted christmas shopping. I failed. I managed to buy myself some very quiant pearl/gold earrings and watch necklace that are just adorable

And then went to the Clothes Show in Birminham in a bid to christmas shop, but again came home with presents only for myself. I got the most divine blue sequin dress with the this seasons power shoulder as well as a plain jersey one, which may I add in my defence cost only £10! And some wonderfully cheap Bourjouis make-up to try and re-create a smokey eye, which i've never been too good at achieving, for the up and coming christmas parties. I will buy presents eventually I swear... Back to the Clothes Show, what an experience that was. My sister and I were all dressed for comfort and warmth only to turn up to girls looking like they were off out on a friday night in Romford, I couldn't really understand how they were going to cope for hours in 6 inch heels, but each to their own...

The Fashion show was incredible, a full on dance show complete with all types of gorgeous christmas outfits from PJ's to gowns, and a handful of half dress men which always helps (:

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