Saturday, 6 February 2010

Busy Busy

Well it has been a busy month or two, moving to the big city, starting a new job, moving twice and having two different illnesses. So it's all been rather hectic. But all is back on track.

Ideas for GFW Fashionista magazine are coming along nicely, which is lovely if not slightly nerve-wracking when they were presented to the event’s organiser. There's some lovely surprises in store for this year, including (fingers crossed) an appearance from Diversity! There’s also going to be a mini- workshop about pattern cutting so if you’re interested in the technical side of fashion design and creation then don’t miss it. So get your tickets now (:

In the world of fashion recently, GG star Taylor Momsen (also the little girl from the Grinch don’t cha know) is now the s/s 2010 face for New Look. Although she is undeniably very pretty, a smile once in a while won’t hurt and I must admit, although an avid GG fan, she does come across very precocious and a tad annoying. But the new collection does look lovely:

I just can’t seem to stay away from the high street at the moment, all the new collections are just delicious, all the pastels and candy colours are just my thing. Floral, floral and more floral. Just to die for. Oh to be Emma Watson (just voted Hollywood’s highest paid actress).


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