Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Don't believe the hype,

So, after a day of trying to get Nottingham Trent to accept me I’ve hit a brick wall. There was a slight moment of promise, to then only end up back where I started (and to be offered design courses, I haven’t done art since I was 13 ffs!) I now need to somehow get a grade up in two of my subjects that I studied at A- Level through re-sits, god knows how I’m going to regurgitate all that information a struggled to learn when I was at sixth form let alone after 8 months of not even being in education. Sigh. But I have come to realise that no matter how much bloody work experience I’ve been doing it counts for nothing. Zero. Zilch. I’m working my arse off to get ahead in the industry and yet all the care about is my bloody UCAS points. I mean I’ve met the people who NTU are paying money to, to advertise them! It’s insanity. So there we have it, even the lady who attempted to help me (resulting in giving me the same answer everyone else had) told me that my work experience didn’t count, “they only consider you on your points”. So there’s a lesson to us all, don’t believe the hype over work experience. As it stands, it seems to get you nowhere. It’s literally had no effect whatsoever. Seriously then, why the hell do people bang on about it so much? “Oh you’ll get nowhere unless you’ve had experience”, “it’s all about who you know” etc etc, bullshit in my opinion. I mean, obviously I won’t let it stop me working super hard on my Fashionista mag and when I have a huge collection of the wonderful things I’ve done, a list of glowing references, and on the list of famous Alumni from UCA, then they’ll be sorry (again in my opinion). I have one last person who could maybe, possibly help me and see sense that I’d be a wonderful asset and if not, I’m beat.

I’m so depressed I can’t even gather the strength to go shopping for my super chic meeting outfit. Woe is me.

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