Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What doesn't kill you,

I received some pretty disheartening news this evening just before finishing work. Nottingham Trent (my number one dream place to study) didn’t give me an offer. Heartbreak. I instantly got onto the phone to them asking why I wasn’t good enough (but more politely of course) and apparently although my 4 A-Levels are good enough, they only take into account 3, therefore I am deemed not good enough. After blubbering for the best part of a few hours to anyone who’d listen, now resulting in a blotched face, stinging eyes and a banging headache, I’ve come to the conclusion (with the help of my lovely mummy) that I won’t give up. If I want something I’m well known for going out there and working my arse off until I get it, so why should this time be any different? So tomorrow my POA is to get the e-mail of the course leader and send them a very charming letter about how wonderful and dedicated I am and what amazing things I’m spending my year off doing and maybe add a little reference from my current boss or someone from GFW just to make me sound even better. I will then wait a few days for a response and if I hear nothing I will phone and phone until I am heard, I won’t give up without a fight.
But out of this, as my mother did point out, I have received my first ever heartfelt rejection from something that really meant a lot to me and I’d worked hard to try and get, which is maybe a good thing. In the fashion industry you get let down, rejected and beaten to it by the hundreds of other girls trying to make it in the fashion world, and some (like I started to feel like doing today) crawl into a hole and give up on their dreams, taking a knockback as a personal assault, whereas others brush off the criticism and use it to make their skin thicker. I am now fully prepared to do the latter; my skin is now officially one layer thicker. It’s made me determined to try again and challenge them, showing them just how much I want this and how good I really would be.
So, I will keep you posted about whether or not I’m successful in my fight however, I just hope to have made one thing clear, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger (:

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