Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Get fit

I have decided i am too unhealthy for words. No lie. I do no exercise (unless you count my five minute walk to the tube every day?) and my diet is beyond appaling (too much rubbish food, not enough fruit&veg and WAY too much alcohol) all of which is resulting in an unhappy body inside and out. Blergh. 
And so, as of today i've decided to go on a detox. Copious amounts of water, more healthy food and guzzling green tea. I may even start a food diary as this apparently helps when trying to see how awful your diet really is, but don't worry i won't bore you with my daily eating news. I also need to exercise and give up smoking. Both of wish are impossible in my opinion. I went for not one but two (!!!) five mile walks with a friend last week and realised how unfit i really am. It was shocking. So that's on the list too. 
Beach bod 2010 here i come...
Yeah i'm doubtful too. 

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