Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I want you back for good.

Sorry for the lack of posting. Been a rather busy week/weekend. (Which involved some lovely vintage shopping and a lazy day on brighton beach, laaavly.) So i shall make up for it with a rather large catch up post (and probably a rather large post on wednesday about how i am inevitibly going to blow my payday packet in one day. Bam.

Firstly, i went to the ASOS offices on Friday. I can't actually explain to you how amazing it was, glamour and clothes were just EVERYWHERE. Literally, rails and rails and boxes and boxes of the stuff just laying about everywhere you looked. But it gets better than that, every fortnight they have a sample sale. Yes, every two weeks they sell their clothes (including desinger stuff) to their staff for £2-£10. I almost died. I even got to go in and nab myself two pairs of amazing heels for just £2 each (originally around £90!!!!) It was beyond good. I am now dreaming every night of how i'm going to worm my way into the company. Luckily i nabbed myself some business cards & gave mine to anyone who had their hand out so fingers crossed they'll bare me in mind for some christmas interning. Aside from the excitement of cheap shoes, the day went really well. Met their lovely staff and looked about their hectic offcices and even the 6 in house studios where they're constantly shooting new clothes and the catwalk (the models were just beautiful I could not stop staring). All in all, i had the most amazing, unforgettable day.

Here's one pair of my AMAZING £2 shoes

Here's some cheeky pics of their A/W 2010 mood boards (note to self get diary and get mood boarding!)

Nail polish

This Nail polish I bought AGES ago from Urban Outfitters as a last minute thing at the counter. I didn't use it for ages and re-discovered it recently and I adore it. Perfect colour for this season and glides on really nicely.

Did some amazing vintage shopping this weekend in Brighton. If you get the chance to go down for a weekend I highly recommend it, not only is the beach amazing to sit on in the sunshine drinking Pimms, but the vintage & high street shopping is better than London.
They have everything you could imagine.

This Polka Dot Playsuit was from Beyond Retro (a tad difficult to find if you're new to the area so ask one of the locals for directions) at a bargin price of £22!
And the belt is also a Beyond Retro vintage find at just £10
If you can't get down to Brighton there is a Beyond Retro on Brick Lane in London

Boots card
Today my Boots advantage card came through, finally. I have taken far too long in buying one and basically buy everything i could ever need in Boots, so big points here i come. If you don't have one yet i highly recommend you getting one for every 1p you spend you get a point so £5.99 is 599 points and each point is worth 1p to spend in Boots!

E x

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