Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hit me baby one more time

Britney Spears has released her pictures for Candies both airbrushed and un-airbrushed to show what magic they really do, do on promotional pictures. To be honest it's pretty disgusting what they do, she looks perfectly fine in the pictures and really if they feel they need to edit them that much then why put her in a skimpy swimsuit in the first place?!?! The woman has had two children, she's  bound to have a bit of cellulite and imperfect curves! It's just stupid. 

Her legs have clearly been made thinner and more smooth, not to mention her bum looks completely different and the change in her body size is crazy, she's not even big so why they feel it necessary for her to be made smaller is just beyond me.

I prefer the before shots all the way, she may not be perfect but no one is, so why give a false impression to all the people who will see this and aspire to look like her when it's not even a real picture!

Rant over. 

E x

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