Friday, 7 January 2011

Beauty is pain

Shoes £63 Topshop
Top £33 Topshop
Jeggings £10 Primark

Here are my new shoes that I decided to spurlge on. How beautiful are they?! If I could marry shoes, these would be the ones. However I have a very irritating issue with my feet (don't worry, i've not got 7 webbed toes) I have odd sized feet so unless the shoes have a strap I have to get a size 3, when i'm usually a size 4. But this does cause a slight amount of squished foot pain, and by the end of the night i'm sure my feet were crippled. But I did not care, they are the most beautiful shoes I own and I plan on wearing them to death (or before feet death, whatever comes first).

Whats your view on heels? Are they really worth the pain?!

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