Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm so excited!

Got some AMAZING news through last week, I don't think i've been so happy in a long time! I've got a month break from uni so everyone can have the chance to do a work placement and I was planning on going to ASOS (I was really banking on it!) but they only do 3 months internships, and then I applied for a post at Company magazine which i reeeeally was certain just couldn't happen, I mean it's a big fashion magazine, and they want little old me to go along for an interview on Wednesday! I'm so excited I could scream... I did a little bit, i'm not going to lie. AND I think i've also managed to get an internship at ASOS for the summer.... I'm not sure life could be any better right now! 

But until then, i'm working my butt off for this bloody project which i'm sure is going to be the death of me! Hence the lack of posting, booo. Though I am FINALLY going to NYC at the end of the month (another reason i'm stressing about the project as i'm cutting it a week short for the trip, eeek) another reason why my life is looking up. Happy times all round I say. I even have a love interest for Valentines day, which although is my least favourite day of the year due to the fact that why should people choose one day a year to show someone you love them? Surely if they mean that much to you, every day should be your Valentine's Day, but whatever I won't go into details. It's nice to not be alone on such a soppy day.

Will post my outfit choice for the interview later this week, wish me luck!

Em xxx

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