Saturday, 22 January 2011

lazy afternoon

Yesterday I went for a very hungover shopping trip to Bluewater (my loan is getting a serious battering at the moment, eek) and when wandering around I spotted these really cute boots in Nine West, now Nine West isn't somewhere i'd usually go to buy shoes but I just fell in love with these. To make my day even better, they were down from £130 to £39! I was a happy bunny. So I decided to whack them out today on my travels to see my family in London and they were so super comfy. I'm in love with my shoes...Again. I also got a really cute silver chain with a cross (pictured) from Urban Outfitters in the sale. Was a pretty successful shopping trip. I've also got a 'reading week' this week, which should mean a lot of going out/generally being a lazy student but we got a enw project set so i'm actually going to sit down and start it early for once! Plus i'm going to New York in Feb after my failed attempt at christmas, and that's a week before my project AND essay are due...sigh. So i'm going to try and get it all done before I head off. My essay is on a film that affirms or makes controversy of women's or males dress, so i've decided to study Annie Hall and her very androgynous way of dressing. Has anyone seen that movie? What are your thoughts?

E xxx

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  1. like your outfit, Love those boots!