Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Dress: Topshop Boutique, Lipstick: Mac Rebel

I decided that I liked this dress too much for it to be just a New Years Eve/going out dress, and no one looks too overdressed for Vogue House so I whacked it on. Again, with the rubbish picture quality you can't really see but it is actually a really icy, pale blue colour in real life, makes it look a little less ghostly.

Whilst doing a little background research into my new placement this weekend I came across a story about the new editor at Tatler Kate Reardon and have decided she is my new inspiration, for both fashion and career. Not only was she the youngest ever fashion assistant at U.S Vogue and then as if that wasn't enough at just 21 Kate moved on to be the Fashion Director at Tatler where she held the same accolade and stayed for 9 years. The most inspiring fact, aside from all that, for me is that to get her U.S Vogue job she petitioned the top man at Condé Nast in New York for a job tirelessly, which is exactly what I plan on doing for Elle once I finish uni. It just goes to show that hard work and determination will get you 
somewhere and one day I hope to be in exactly the same place.

See the full article on Kate here.

Who are your inspirations fashion or otherwise?

Love Emma xxx 

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  1. I adore this dress! Looks lovely on you :)