Monday, 5 March 2012

Back again

Once again i've neglected my blogging ways, for many reasons but mostly because I can't do any outfit posts at the moment because I'm trying to not straighten my hair for a month to give it a bit of time to recover from my bleaching incident so spend most of my days looking like i've escaped from an asylum. But alas, I thought I would share the beautiful present the boyfriend bought me when we went for a lovely evening to London.
After much debate and traipsing around Selfridges, I decided that the YSL Arty ring was just far too big on me (I have fingers much the same size as a small child) and this little beauty caught my eye and it was just too pretty not to want! It's a really lovely unique rose gold colour and the skulls have little crystals in each of their eyes, which gives the ring a really girly touch. I think I'm in love...

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