Thursday, 11 April 2013

1. Yellow & Black Coat ASOS Marketplace
2. Pink Leopard Print Pumps Whistles
3. Checkerboard Crop Top New Look
4. Rose Gold & White Watch Olivia Burton
5. Clear PVC Mac Pret-A-Portobello
6. Washed Out High Waist Jeans River Island

I have finally finished the main bulk of my uni project, so for the first time I three years really I actually feel free! So of course I have been spending all my time online shopping, well just browsing at the moment as I'm obviously awaiting the next (and final, sob!) loan instalment before I actually go shopping. These six pieces are things that really caught my eye recently, I completely fell in love with the ASOS coat, I just think it's so different, and the Pret a Portobello mac is just the cutest things ever, perfect for a festival. As soon as the Olivia Burton watch comes back into stock I can safely say I will be snatching one up, they're so classic looking and really feminine even though they have the huge faces. 
Anything caught your eye recently? 

Emma x

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