Monday, 25 November 2013

Skin Care Saviors

Well it's certainly gotten a little bit chilly the past couple of weeks and my skin is really beginning to suffer. Having fallen victim to a charming little skin infection resulting in very sensitive and sore skin on my face, I've been keeping an eye out for some super products to offer intense hydration for extra sensitive skin which is when I came across Caudalie, well by stumbled I mean the lady at Space NK opened my eyes to their wonderfullness. I'd already been caught up in hype of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir  a little while back and I must say I wasn't sold, but had no idea of their suitability to hyper sensitive skin (or really that they did anything other than tiny bottles of fragranced water). But, having used it for the past few weeks, alongside some antibiotic cream for the under skin infection I really am sold (and poor) on the brand.

Just the word sorbet makes you think of really lovely cooling properties and this does just that with a really lovely thick texture and it instantly makes your skin feel hydrated and smooth. It doesn't automatically skin in and leave your face feeling wet, it almost feels like a silky smooth lining on top of your skin, like a protective layer against all the harsh winter elements. It can be used as your every day moisturiser or saved for those days when you need a little boost, with camomile extracts in there you know it's really going to help when your skin is misbehaving

If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin like me you know how it feels when you're having one of those face-so-tight-you-can-barely-close-your-eyes days and this little gem is perfect to give your skin a little plumping up. I popped this on for the first time and I literally could feel my skin drinking it up and although it's only a tiny bottle just one pump will cover your whole face (but when I first got it I was so desperate I used about four pumps and ended up with quite a slimy face, but hey it did the job). 

Although not from their super hydrating Vinosource range, for girls with sensitive but problem skin this is for you. Everybody suffers with the odd area of blackheads, especially in London commuting on the grubby underground every day, so it's really important to clean your skin of all that grime to keep spots at bay. It has a lovely whipped cream like texture and has teeny little jojoba beads to gently but effectively clean your skin when used a couple of times a week after cleansing to get rid of those nasty little impurities. 

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