Tuesday, 9 February 2010

In the office

Today, again I’m at work pretending to be doing things I know I should be getting on with, i.e. article after article. But I just couldn't resist a little lunch-time blog. This morning/afternoon has been good, I am getting to know all the staff (and moving away from the tag of ‘the bosses daughter’ which has plagued me for the past few weeks) and even getting to the pub with the girls, which is lovely. But today there was an even better development, I have my first out of office meeting, my first proper in office meeting was last week with GFW events organiser June who scared the living daylights out of me but seemed to like my ideas which is good, concerning putting together a fashion show, exciting! It’s with the University of Hertfordshire, so although not Chloe, it’s a start towards my dream of being LC a super hot PR girl. So tonight I’m off to Oxford Street to find a chic, casual yet sophisticated meeting outfit. I’m thinking Chinos, white blouse, statement necklace and a nude blazer, with the shoes I’m torn, to heel or not to heel? I think that it may not be quite the occasion, but I’m just dying to wear my new Mary Jane’s from ASOS, boo. I’ll have a pic of the chosen outfit up tomorrow, but needless to say it won’t be a Topshop jobby as I’m skint and still have 2 weeks until payday so New Look here I come.

On the topic of skint (and the reason I am), I found a fabulous coat in Topshop just the thing I’d been looking for, however there was one problem they only had a size 12 and I’m usually a 6-8 so me being me, I bought it anyway. But I’m pretty unsure as to whether or not it’s just a bit big, the length I great but the waist is a tad baggy and the arms reach the middle of my fingers, so I’ve left the label on. But how many times can you wear a coat, deemed returnable before it’s just non-returnable? I also bought the most adorable polka dot umbrella to match with a ‘leather’ curved handle at a barginacious £4! So my coat buying (£95) was justified.

I should really get back to writing my lengthy article about the technical aspects of fashion design (it’s to be my article to show off how good I am to GFW big wigs, including hat designer Piers Atkinson who is exhibiting his obscure designs at this seasons London Fashion week, check him out here). So yes, au revoir for now.

Quote of the day: "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

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