Sunday, 16 January 2011

Girl, you're making me scream.

This has possibly been one of the busiest weeks of my life, after leaving about 50% of my 15 week uni project to the last week I have been on a mad rush to get it all finished this week. And finally I am almost there, with a few bits and bobs to tweak later on today. I've literally never felt so relieved! With that in mind i'm dreaming of a cheeky shopping trip to Selfridges to treat myself for my hard work, plus the fact that the cola scandal that botched up my phone also ruined my prize Mac blusher which is in desperate need of being replaced (I could cry, really). I will also be on the search for a silver chunky style watch, i'm having a real 'silver' moment right now and am in need of a nice new watch, though i've no idea where to start other than somewhere that's going to cost me my entire loan. Any ideas would be handy!

Mac Brow Finisher- £11.50.

I suffer from the horrible curse of wildly curly hair and so I also have wildly curly eyebrows which is just silly I know but what can you do. So this, although perhaps a teeeny bit pricey for something that doesn't really do THAT much, I am vain and hate my eyebrows, so could be perfect. I will make sure to try this out and see if it really is worth my money. 

Mac Finishing Powder - £17.50

"A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections."

I am literally longing for something that means as soon as I step out of the door my make-up doesn't slide off my face and I don't have to bring my entire make-up kit on a night out with me. I have even sometimes resorted to using hairspray on my face to keep it all there, horrible I know. Though i'm unsure how a finishing POWDER can really do that much, i'm intrigued to find out. 

Mac Bronzing Powder - £17.50

I think it's always worth spending that little bit extra on a good bronzer, because otherwise they can leave you looking a little bit dirty, patchy or downright orange. My Benefit Hoola bronzer has served me well, but for some reason has started to make me look a little bit dirty...but maybe that's due to the loss of my blusher to even everything out? Boo. 

Mac Eyebrow Pencil - £11.50

"Provides a natural matte finish. Makes the brows look impeccable."

As i mentioned earlier I hate my eyebrows, they're like the bain of my entire life. I've never really tried pencilling them on other than using my friends once and looking like a bit of a drag queen because hers were much darker than mine. So I want to see if it can sort out my terrible brows. 

Mac Prep + Prime - £14.50

"A light, oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine"

Mainly designed for your T-Zone this looks to be the one. I really have needed to invest in a nice primer for ages, make up people are always babbling on about how your skin needs it blahblah but i'm always unsure whether they're just a ploy to get you spending money on things that don't really do much... We shall see.

I'm also looking to buy a yummy new lipstick colour (for some reason the colour swatches from the mac site wouldn't save). I'm thinking either Rebel, a deep pinky, purple colour which is so gorgeous but maybe a bit wintery? or Vegas Volt which is a more spring coral/pink colour. I will have to try them out and see what makes me look least like a drag queen. 

Has anyone tried out these before? Any thoughts? 

I have a feeling this is going to be one pricey reward shopping trip. And i'll leave looking like i'm ready for a night out!
I am also wishing to go blonde...again. I am bored of being pale...again. I think i've managed to rid my hair of the reddy tones so now it's just a very, very dark brown (semi-permanent). Anyone any tips on how I can get luscious golden locks that does't involve getting my hair stripped? 

Once my project is all handed in and completed, some outfit posts will be coming your way!

E xxx


  1. Hiya, Just replying to your comment on my blog. Yes I did go to UCA Graduated in 09 :-) x

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG lovee this so much!!!perfect!:)