Monday, 21 March 2011

Baby it's fact

WELL it's been a good few days for me I must say. I'm sorry if i'm getting boring, rabbiting on about Company but my memory is so awful I need some way to record what I've been getting up to! We had some lovely deliveries on Wednesday and Thursday, including a sneaky couple of pieces from the new Twenty8Twelve collection, I literally fell in love with the sleeveless leather jacket. Here's a few pictures of our top picks:

Gorgeous jersey maxi dress and palazzo pants

My dreaaaam jacket (from the back)

It actually felt like Christmas had come early, the longing to have access to wearing all these clothes is just too much to bear!

Then thursday evening I eventually treated myself to a little shopping spree (after all my hard work I decided I deserved it) and I did something I have not done in a very long time: Bought jeans! I always hate the way jeans are, they make me feel like I look like a boy and only ever become acceptable when paired with towering heels. However these jeans are very different, mostly due to the fact they are a dusty raspberry pink colour which makes them totally feminine, totally on trend with the brights theme this summer and unlike what I originally thought they happen to go with a lot of things, I think i'm in love!

Horse print top: Urban Outfitters
Pink jeans: Topshop
Jewellery: Links & Forever 21

And now for even MORE exciting news, I'm off to help out with the 'Street Girl' shoot tomorrow, and best of all Laura (magazine's fashion stylist) asked me to model for it! I was so happyyy (and slightly terrified as after many years of trying I never seem to muster that sexy, model like pose so mostly opt for a smile, uhoh)and it's so amazing that i'll actually be in the magazine! I'll try and get as many sneaky pics as possible to show my day.

So overall i'm a very happy bunny and even though i'm hiding in the cupboard most of the day i'm learning so much about the process of creating the fashion in a magazine and it's fascinating, mostly from earwigging the girls conversations but hey we all love being a bit nosey. The process and the time it takes to put together the shoots is amazing as well as the 'politics' behind it all, making sure big advertisers are featured heavily, PR's sending you freebies to convince you to feature them etc, and most of all the way the shoots and the fashion that goes inside is so personal to those who create them. The 3 girls each have such an individual take on fashion and the trends (see their pics below and you will understand what I mean!) and yet people follow what they say like they're icons, yet it just one persons opinion.... I wonder if they know the power and influence they really hold over girls lives!

Emma, very glam and designer style loves her leather trousers and suuuuper high heels.

Laura, the resident rock chick. She lives in black & has a ring collection to DIE for

Oonagh, the big boss (minus the editor obv) much more mature style, very well put together and classic.

Will let you know how tomorrow goes! Hope you had a lovely Monday, would love to hear your thoughts on our fashion picks from the cupboard (:

E xxx

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  1. It sounds like you're having a great time!