Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

So far this week has been a bit rubbish and a bit amazing. The good parts include being asked to go on a shoot with the fashion stylist Laura next week (yipeeeee) and spent most of the day getting samples for a festival shoot including wellies, socks, bags and headscarves, meaning we're styling half the shoot! We're aiming to emulate the spring/summer 11 D&G catwalk for  the regular 'Bargain to Blow Out' feature so need all sorts of items at prices from cheap to luxe. All of which is prettyyyy exciting and made me super happy. 
Though today I saw the horrible side of being an intern, being shouted at by a man from a well known clothing brand because I couldn't find a top he needed back, seriously I looked everywhere and I now know that cupboard like I know my own wardrobe and it's defo not there, so what the hell am I supposed to do about it you rude, rude man! Rant over. But even so, made me feel a little down, plus the fact we spent all day returning clothes which was a little dull. It was brightened by some of our wellies and bags turning up today which was a nice feeling as some were perrrfect for the shoot (see the pic below- sorry for crappy quality, I hate my rubbish BB).

Here's my outfit for yesterday, what you can't see is that i'm also wearing leggings with a leather-like strip down the side which i'm in loveee with and were from H&M kids at only £8, bargain.

Shirt:American Apparel
Top:All Saints
Belt:Urban Outfitters

Hope you're all well! (:

Emma xx

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