Wednesday, 23 March 2011

It may be strange...

But I have truly decided that Fearne Cotton (as annoying as she may be) has earned her way into becoming  a bit of a style icon. I'm literally having to choose between dying my hair either light at the tips, or do a Fearne and have that really gorgeous, dark shiny blonde because it's such a beautiful blonde tone without looking fake or too much. Not only that but with hair such a pretty blonde and always so perfectly placed, you'd think she would cross the boundary of being a bit too girly (much like her BFF Holly, whom I do like but jheez girl must you ALWAYS be so over the top giggly girl?!) yet she doesn't. She effortlessly mixes rock chick with femininity, something I'm trying my utter best to try and achieve, though I do believe it's made easier by having blonde hair but maybe i'm just clutching at reasons to dye my hair back..again. Her girlie dresses yet stacked heels and smoky make-up, create the perfect balance of style fashionista without being a try hard or neglecting her rock babe roots, as well as her liking for hard, metallic accessories and a nack for wearing the right amount of rocky jewels. 

My personal fave, one of her most recent looks at the preview of her new collection:
Look at how pretty the hair is!

So, as unconventional as it may be I have decided she is up there with my current style inspirations. Alongside the mjaority of the Company office. Ohhh to be rich and/or famous.... 

What's your opinion on Fearne? Who is your current style icon? Let me know! (:

Emma xxx

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