Monday, 14 March 2011

First Week

Well, the first week of my internship has literally FLOWN by and i've been so busy (and when i'm not busy i'm sleeping, vicious circle really) that i've not had much time for anything. The Company office is way less scary than I had imagined and it's actually a really tiny team, aside from the editor Victoria, who I rarely speak to at all, we only deal with 3 girls who are the main chunk of the magazine team who you can see online and in the magazine (: All 3 are super glam and although terrifying at first, are starting to warm to us!

Day one outfit was trying to be smart, without over the top:

I went for a baby pink/nude pleated skirt, baby blue t-shirt both NYC Urban Outfitters, camel blazer Bershka and floral snood also NYC Urban Outfitters, incorporating all the outfit colours (was going for a summery colour blocking-ish look)

I've been in the fashion cupboard most of the time, though that's not easy job. Firstly it's very difficult not to be constantly green with envy that the girls there can use this as their second wardrobe with all sorts of yummy clothes to choose from and secondly when we first got there it was a total mess, clothes hidden everywhere and things impossible to find. But after our first week we've got it looking pretty spick and span, so fingers crossed we've earnt ourselves a trip onto one of the shoots, though sadly it's unlikely it will be the shoot  in Miami, boo. But all in all, i'm having a really good time, secretly earwigging what it takes to get a fashion mag together (:

I've also been so busy i've neglected my one and only passion in life (well almost neglected) shopping, even when my office couldn't be any closer to both Carnaby and Oxford streets! Shocking, I know. Though i'm making up for it by having a gander online but it's not quiteee the same. I have bought some new shoes though and they are quite delish. Will post an outfit with them later this week as they are to be worn out on saturday night, sadly heels are a no go at work due to the constant running around. I even resorted to removing my flats today my feet were so tired!

My outfit for today consisted of:

Topshop sleeveless floral top and Forever 21 pink shorts (my fave bargain from NYC at just $15!!, bring on Forever 21 London this Autumn) I felt super summery in this, and for a while the sunny weather reflected the outfit but it didn't last that long. I always feel like a ballerina with my hair in a bun, y'know? But I was feeling lazy (:

Hope everyone is having a beautiful start to the week!

Love E xxx

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  1. I'm so jealous that your interning at company! It sounds like your having a good time though :) xx