Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Long time no speak

I have been a naughty blogger, I know. After Company I let loose and went a bit crazy so haven't had much (sober) time to write on here! Company shoot day was literally amazing, I've never had a day that was so good, I took loads of pictures but after having to sort through them for my uni project i'm sick to the death of seeing them, so i'll share them at some point with you guys. After a whole month there I was so sad to leave, but ever so slightly happy to have my sleep back again! Fingers crossed my time there will open many more doors for me.

Thought i'd share the happy news that I am officially Office shoes staff starting Friday, which is rather exciting and I've decided to actually save my money for a holiday or a Mulberry (or both if I work that much, fingers crossed). Here's my top picks from Office's current offerings, which will clearly delay how quickly I save for my Holiday/Mulberry!

'Murder She Wrote' £78.00
Perfect for the seventies vibe this summer

'Holed Up' £65.00
The midi-wedge is the new platform!

'Souffle Feather' £55.00

Jefery Campbell 'Lita' £120.00
Most dreamy shoes. Ever. (limited stock online)

Vans Womens Pumps £29.99
Perfect summer chill shoes.

Have a happy bank holiday weekend! I sadly shall be working rather than enjoying the charming weather, boo.

Em xox

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