Thursday, 9 June 2011

I think i'm love

I am in a terrible, heartbreaking predicament. I am going to have to sacrifice one of two things, spending a stupid amount of my money on weekly shopping trips OR the new Mulberry Bayswater in a gorgeously yummy chestnut red shade. What's a girl to to?!

I have been dying for a Bayswater for a while now and this colour is literally to die for, however after heaps of tried and failed attempts at saving my money I am dubious as to whether or not by the end of the summer i'll have enough cash stashed to get the Mulberry (and afford necessary things like car tax/MOT/Insurance which all delightfully come at once, sigh). Anyone any tips on how to be a better saver?!

Here's a couple of other delish new items Mulberry has to offer:

Next post will be all about the excitement of Graduate Fashion Week 2011 when some pictures become available online.

Emma xxx


  1. Gaaah, I adore all of these bags, the Polly is my current favourite!

  2. I love the Bayswater <3.

    Sadie x