Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year (:

Decided (again) to pick up the blog, after feeling a bit like it was going nowhere, had a few nice words of encouragement and decided to carry on (whether or not anyone's listening to my rambles).

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year's, mine was totally magical. Bit annoyed at myself for not getting a picture of my New Years outfit as I rather liked it and even got me hair done! Oh and I have changed my hair once again, after a disasterious experience at the salon of the moment 'Bleach'. But alas here it is, just not with me in it. Although it is a tad pricey for quite a simple dress, I couldn't resist as not only had I seen a lady at Arcadia head office sporting it, during my time working for the PR there, and she looked amazing, but also once i tried it on it became everything I like about dresses, classic, pretty and with a collar (i'm seriously loving collars right now, I want ones in every colour to go with every outfit). So I parted with my £95, well only £60 as I did get a cheeky giftcard for Christmas as well as student discount, and it was all mine.

Here's a few of my lovely christmas prezzies I got this year, as I'm in between 3 homes at the moment this is not all, but mostly these are my faves, as well as some cheeky bargains from boots (St. Tropez full set of instant tan for a tenner!!) and my lovely new hat that i've been lusting over for weeks. I found the sales hugely disappointing this year, minus the odd thing or two which i wasn't keen enough on to brave the mammoth store queues for, which my bank balance did appreciate but my wardrobe hasn't.

Today I just started working at Tatler, seriously feeling all over the place at the moment, and I am already really enjoying it. The team are lovely and being a true lover of the Devil Wears Prada I had real fears that Vogue House was to be the same, but thankfully not. They are of course all impeccably dressed, but also very smiley which so far today made for a very lovely working environment. I will keep updating with my outfits daily (or try my best, I also have uni work to catch up on -blah) and any fun happenings during my time at Tatler. Oh and here's the new issue cover, featuring (but not really featuring) Kate Middleton, a paparazzi snap used for the cover. My opinions on this are mixed, I do get that she's the perfect cover girl for Tatler, but the fact its not a real photo posed for them by her, is a little bit odd.

What are your thoughts on the not-really-Kate cover?

How were your christmas and new years celebrations?

Lots of Love, Emma xxx

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  1. Love this Topshop dress, thinking of getting it myself, what's the quality/fit like my dear?