Sunday, 1 July 2012

Anyone for Tennis?

Shirt:Ebay//Jumper:Urban Outfitters//Shorts:Miss Selfridge//
Belt:Urban Outfitters Vintage//Shoes:Russell&Bromley

Today was actually quite a busy one! Minus the midday lay in of course. We decided after watching the Gok Wan cooking series to give Dim Sum at home a go so popped to the local Chinese Supermarket in Croydon which was quite an eye opener, with a choice of hundreds of dumplings and all your takeaway faves at the fraction of the price! As well as some LIVE crab and lobster you could also pick up chicken feet in black bean sauce, (safe to say we avoided those bits). After eating our weight in noodles and dumpings me and the boyf decided to take a sunshiney walk into Wimbledon Park to see the tents lined up waiting for tennis tickets, which was all rather civilized and made me not dread camping quite so much...  Anyway, this jumper is one of my most worn things in my wardrobe from the Urban Outfitters sale last season, perfect for the unpredictable weather situations. Interning at Stella Magazine at the moment and loving it, the team are just the nicest bunch of people! Although the clothes are just to die for & having no job or money makes it all the more difficult not to steal it all! (I joke of course). Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Love Emma xx


  1. Love the who.e enable- especially the shirt!