Sunday, 16 September 2012

LFW so far...

Now I did manage to head over to LFW on friday (but as per didn't get any pictures as it was a manic all over kind of day) and got some tickets to a couple of Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows, none of which I actually managed to go to due to queuing for shows and meeting friends, sigh! Hopeless fashions student I know! So, to make up for my rubbish-ness I've been keeping furiously up to date with the shows and here's a little round up of my faves so far, enjoy! 

Holly Fulton -
Now, I'm not usually a bright/prints kind of gal, I pretty much stick to neutrals with a dash of colour here and there. HOWEVER, this collection is just too pretty to say no to. I love the retro sixties aspect to it and the really pretty florals are right up my street. This collection has a definiate American candy girl feel to it & is one I'm dying for already.

Kinder Aggugini-
Again, not usually very me but I also can't resist a shirt & pinafore combination, so I was instantly sold. I love the real cute girliness of this collection, mixed in with the bed hair and chunky shoes that give it that Alexa vibe. I am seriously lusting after that yummy shiny blazer too...

Matthew Williamson - 
I've never really looked at his shows before, having assumed that his high street stuff that to me looks aimed at the older woman, I assumed his designer collection would be much the same. But oh how wrong I am! This collection is so me I want it all, I love the printed shorts and trousers to death and the brights mixed in with the classic neutrals really hits the spot. I can already see Miss Flack in those shorts from picture 1! 

Temperly London- 
This collection is my fave of all so far, and it's going to take a lot to be beaten! I'm a sucker for a fifties/sixties silhouette and these looks are just the perfect balance between nostalgic and current, with gorgeous textures and patterns. 

Math - 
This brand I became familiar with during my interning at Stella Magazine and i've been lusting after them ever since, managed to get some show tickets but unfortunately I was working so couldn't make it, so couldn't wait to catch it online this morning. They have such lovely minimal designs and fluid shapes, with different textures mixed in, it's just yummy! 

So looking forward to the rest of fashion week, gutted i can't go to more bits because of work & the lack of uni work i've done this month but alas i'll be better next season, promise. Who have been your faves so far? Any unexpected surprises? 

Emma x

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