Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Woohoo it's finally over! A slightly over due post about my Graduation, which was a lovely affair at the Royal Festival Hall on London Southbank (where the BAFTAs were held don't cha know) a month or so back. It was really nice to see everyone again for one final time before we all go off and do fabulous things, so everyone put their glad rags on and it was such a great day. I wore a little shorts suit from Oasis, which I now can't find online but I fancied doing something a bit different and as I posted about them a while ago I thought I'd give it a go and I loved it. I also wore some very special shoes that were a Graduation prezzie from my amazing Nana, some dreamy Louboutin Piagalle nude pointed heels, I am in love. Don't even ask about the fences I had to leap to get these but lets just say the sales assistant in Monaco was very helpful in my mission! 

After waiting what seemed like hours to get up on stage, I did my little stage walk(after dying of fear), shook hands with some people and off we went for a lovely meal at the Skylon restaurant in the Royal Festival Hall, which was scrummy, deffos recommend. Me and the boyf were going to then head out for cocktails but I was so exhausted from such a crazy day and with rather sore feet (not that I'm complaining!) we ended up heading home for a nice cuppa tea! 

Anyone else graduated this year and have any exciting plans? 

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