Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22

Yes it was my birthday last month, now the day that used to be filled with excitement is replaced by dread at how old I'm getting and how quickly (without wanting to sound too depressing). ANYWHO, after initially not having the foggiest what to do to celebrate what with friends currently being all over the country, we planned on having a lovely civilised (drunken) picnic in Hyde Park. Accompanied by my home made raspberry lemonade I posted about earlier and my very best of friends, we spent a lovely sunny afternoon reminisicing and having a lovely day. Which was then followed by some completely terrible dancing and drunken antics at Inferno's in Clapham, which if you haven't been I sincerely suggest you do if you love 80's/90's music as much as I do.

The day after, feeling ever so slightly delicate, we went for a lovely family meal to The Avalon which is also in Clapham, where we bumped into the ever so glam Florence of Florence and The Machine (though it felt too intrusive to ask for a picture on a sunny Sunday afternoon so I left her to it). We did the present exchange and I got some gorge prezzies including the bird cage pictured from my lovely boyfriend, as he knows I've been after one for ages, even though it confuses him greatly as to why I would need one, having no interest in buying an actual bird, boys eh? So after a scrummy lunch off we popped home for a cuppa and early night, who says being 22 is no fun?

Hope you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine! I will be posting some more fashion-y stuff soon, once I can get to grips outfit posting on my camera properly.

Emma x

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